Season is Over

Our berry season is definitely over ,although we had two calls this morning asking  when they can come and pick berries . Definitely not until next year.

We still have a limited supply of saskatoons and a dwindling supply of frozen raspberries remaining in the freezer but they are going fast so if you want them please call in advance to make sure they are still available. Honey berries or hascaps as they are also called are sold out.

Tonia in the midst of making green tomato chow , pickled beets, bread and butter pickles garlic dills , and jam for the new season. She is taking orders for our we make you bake frozen pies again and asks that you order at LEAST one to two weeks in advance to allow time to make up the order. With all the other work to catch up on it doesn't leave much time for special orders so she tries to combine orders to save time. Easier to make twelve at a time than it is to make one twelve separate times.

Although our farm is closed for the season as far as fresh veggies and berry picking we are still open for jams , jelly, frozen berries  and if ordered Frozen Pies, just give us a call at 780 387-5466 to ensure that we have stock  available and that we are at the farm for pick up.

Til next time

Bye for now


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