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Hi again

The berry season is over for another year. Can't believe how many berries the saskatoon bushes produced this year. In a normal year we see an average of nine to fifteen berries in a cluster,however this year they outdid themselves. In some of the clusters we counted as high as eighteen  to twenty one berries and all fully formed. Haven't seen a crop like this in years. Raspberries were also above average this year with the bushes producing a heavy crop well into August. Although the fresh berries are no longer available ,we still have a good supply of frozen berries available.

Our garden outdid itself as well with an excellent season for almost everything planted. We still have some fresh veggies at the farm, beets , carrots , cabbage ,potatoes , leeks ,dill  and slicing cucumbers. We have cut back on our farmers markets as our season comes to a close.

Tonia has been busy catching up to orders for her frozen pies and has started on this years supply of saskatoon and fresh raspberry jams as well as all the other preserves she manages to make for the coming markets. All of which will be available on site at the farm through out the year.

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