End of berry season

Hello again

Well it looks like mother nature has given us some wonderful weather to finish off the summer,however in doing so she has effectively put an end to the berry season. With the warm weather . 25 to 28 degrees over the past week and more forecast to come in the coming week ,the berries have started to dry out very quickly. We are DOWN TO THE STAGE OF SELECTIVE PICKING. This means that the berries are still there for picking but not by the handful as they have been for the past month.  With the hot weather the berries start going soft and then dry out completely,however some large juicy berries still linger in the bushes for those willing to take the time to search them out.

For those who do not have the patience to pick at this late stage or those who have procrastinated and missed the season we do have a LIMITED supply of frozen berries that will carry them through the winter.

We will no longer be attending the farmers markets for this season and those who wish to purchase jams, jelly , green tomato chow or frozen pies are asked to call or come to the farm to place your order.

We still have potatoes,red and white ,leeks ,carrots ,beets ,and some of the nicest cabbage you will see as well as slicing cucumbers and dill. We do not have any pickling cucumbers as these have already been pre ordered and sold.

At this point I would like to thank all of our customers for their support at our farm and a special thank you to the lady who posted a wonderful review of our farm on face book.

Hoping to see you at the farm before we close for the season.

All the very best


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