Berry Update 31 July

Hi again

Just an update on the coming week. We will be at Wetaskiwin Market on Wednesday, Mulhurst Market on Thursday, Lakedell Market Friday and Mulhurst Days on Saturday. Very busy schedule as well as being open every day at the farm.

We are getting very close to the end of the picking season. Without a little more rain and a little less heat the picking season will be over by the end of the week. Every hot day now shortens the picking season by one day. One day of rain will extend it for another day or two . Berries are slowly drying out and with the hot weather forecast for this week it could  put an end to the season. We still have loads of berries on the bushes and are open every day for picking.

IF YOU WANT FRESH BERRIES ,NOW IS THE TIME TO PICK Mother nature doesn't wait and and the only berries that will be available will be the frozen ones.

Still have lots of raspberries  for picking and they are the same as the saskatoons, slowly drying with the heat and will be finished about the same time.

Tonias garden still producing vegetables and will continue for a while  so stop in and check out the fresh veggies while they are still available.

We are out of pies at the moment so for those wanting frozen pies ,please order them at least one week in advance as they take time to make and are not available on one days notice . Demand has exceeded the supply for the present time.

PLEASE NOTE We do not grow strawberries or blueberries and our garden is not a u-pick.  U pick is for saskatoons and raspberries only so if you want fresh berries , now is the time.We have some of the largest saskatoons with the lowest prices in the area.

Till next time



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