Berries Berries Berries

As the title says ,we have berries berries berries and we are picking daily. The right amount of rain and sunshine has done wonders in the rows of saskatoons and the berries are hanging like grapes.

Have had customers picking for over two weeks now and the bushes look like they haven't been touched. Havent seen a crop like this in a few years,Mother nature must be trying to make up for last year.

Tonia's garden is in full bloom now and she has been taking her vegetables and greens to the Mulhurst market every Thursday,and I have been attending the Wetaskiwin market on Wednesday and the Lakedell market on Friday's. Lots of work and not much sleep

We are open from 9-6 Monday  ,Tuesday, Wednesday .Friday and Saturday and  9-12 Thursday and 10 am- 4 pm on Sunday at the farm and for those wanting frozen pies please submit your order at least three to four days before you wish to pick them up.

Good news , our debit machine has finally arrived and we are able to process debit, master card and Visa. We still accept cash.

Til next time.


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