Berry Update 31 July

Hi again

Just an update on the coming week. We will be at Wetaskiwin Market on Wednesday, Mulhurst Market on Thursday, Lakedell Market Friday and Mulhurst Days on Saturday. Very busy schedule as well as being open every day at the farm.

We are getting very close to the end of the picking season. Without a little more rain and a little less heat the picking season will be over by the end of the week. Every hot day now shortens the picking season by one day. One day of rain will extend it for another day or two . Berries are slowly drying out and with the hot weather forecast for this week it could  put an end to the season. We still have loads of berries on the bushes and are open every day for picking.

IF YOU WANT FRESH BERRIES ,NOW IS THE TIME TO PICK Mother nature doesn't wait and and the only berries that will be available will be the frozen ones.

Still have lots of raspberries  for picking and they are the same as the saskatoons, slowly drying with the heat and will be finished about the same time.

Tonias garden still producing vegetables and will continue for a while  so stop in and check out the fresh veggies while they are still available.

We are out of pies at the moment so for those wanting frozen pies ,please order them at least one week in advance as they take time to make and are not available on one days notice . Demand has exceeded the supply for the present time.

PLEASE NOTE We do not grow strawberries or blueberries and our garden is not a u-pick.  U pick is for saskatoons and raspberries only so if you want fresh berries , now is the time.We have some of the largest saskatoons with the lowest prices in the area.

Till next time




Still in business

Well the hailstorm that covered the area last night missed us again all tho it did give us some much needed rain. We got about half an inch and luckily NO HAIL. We are in an area located between Pigeon Lake and Wizzard Lake and the storms seem to skirt our area. We have seen hail and rain storms both north and south of our farm and not a drop of water in our area.  The berries were just starting to suffer a bit from the dry weather  and this moisture was just what was needed. Can't see the berries getting much bigger as they are already the size of grapes.

Just remember our saskatoon berries are in mid season and wont last forever so now is the time to get out and stock up for winter, they freeze well and can be kept in the freezer for over a year. Nothing like a saskatoon smoothie in Febuary to remind you of summer.

For the uninformed, we have a u pick for saskatoons and raspberries only,WE DO NOT GROW STRAWBERRIES  and our garden is NOT a u pick. We do have vegetables for sale at out on site kiosk and they are available fresh picked daily.





Berries Berries Berries

As the title says ,we have berries berries berries and we are picking daily. The right amount of rain and sunshine has done wonders in the rows of saskatoons and the berries are hanging like grapes.

Have had customers picking for over two weeks now and the bushes look like they haven't been touched. Havent seen a crop like this in a few years,Mother nature must be trying to make up for last year.

Tonia's garden is in full bloom now and she has been taking her vegetables and greens to the Mulhurst market every Thursday,and I have been attending the Wetaskiwin market on Wednesday and the Lakedell market on Friday's. Lots of work and not much sleep

We are open from 9-6 Monday  ,Tuesday, Wednesday .Friday and Saturday and  9-12 Thursday and 10 am- 4 pm on Sunday at the farm and for those wanting frozen pies please submit your order at least three to four days before you wish to pick them up.

Good news , our debit machine has finally arrived and we are able to process debit, master card and Visa. We still accept cash.

Til next time.



Berry Update 6 July 2017

Just a quick update on the berry situation. Saskatoons will be ripe enough for picking in a couple more days. The extreme heat we have had over the past week has turned the berries to a bright red and another couple of days and they should be ready for picking. Raspberries should be ready in about a week and a half or so.

Phone ahead to 780 387 5466 just to confirm their status.

Garden is in full production , lots of lettuce, chard, spinach, kale, onions and the carrots, beets etc. soon to come. No peas this year. For some reason they died off at the roots,don't know if we had a mole run under the row or what happened. Usually have an excellent crop, but not this year.

Still getting calls to see when our strawberries will be ready, just can't convince people that WE DO NOT GROW STRAWBERRIES

Our prices for saskatoons are still the same as they have been for the past few years, U Pick $2.00 a pound, Pre picked $4.00 a pound. Plastic pails complete with lid may be purchased at our kiosk.

We will require berry pickers on a daily basis so if you or anyone you know  would like to make some extra money just give us a call. If we don't have pickers there will not be any pre picked berries.

Pies , crumbles , jam and condiments are available daily at our kiosk and to be on the safe side, anyone wanting frozen pies, please call ahead to order and give us more than one day to fill the order

Our debit machine should be here next week if I am to believe the provider. Was advised that the card reader we purchased is no longer  compatible with their new system and we need a new one, and they cannot open our account until we purchase or rent a new one .Would have been nice to know this a month ago. Until we receive the new reader we will only be able to accept cash , Visa and Master card. NO DEBIT until the card reader arrives.

Hope to see you at the farm, just remember our TUESDAY saskatoon special, Pick three pails pay for two. Stock up for winter

Til next time



Berry update 30 June

Berries are just about ready, warm sun and a little more rain and they will be ready for picking. give it a week or a week and a half and they should be ready.

Still have to remind people that we DO NOT GROW STRAWBERRIES, and our garden is NOT A U PICK. U pick is for berries only.

And speaking of berries, we have implemented an entrance fee of $2.00 per person all ages on raspberry picking.This is on raspberries only.

THIS IS AS A RESULT OF situations that arose last year where we experienced problems with pickers in our raspberry section.To give an example, on a Sunday morning at 9 am(we open at 10am) an elderly gent came to the farm with his four grandsons ,ages from 10 to 15 or16 and asked if they could pick raspberries for their grandma to make jam. Felt sorry for them so opened early and assigned them two rows 100 feet long to pick from. Had to continually request that  they stay on their assigned rows and stop skimming the berries from other rows as they were just picking what they could see. At about 10:40 they came to the kiosk to pay for their berries and handed me a pail about 0ne third full. When I asked where the rest of the berries  were  he said that was all that they had picked.  Five adults picking for an hour and forty minutes and only picked a little over 2 pounds. Makes one wonder.  Asked him if he thought that would be enough for Gram and he said if not they would be back for more. I DON'T THINK SO. Checked the rows that they had been picking and they were cleaned out as well as the rows on either side.  Waited for two days for the berries to ripen in that area before I could let customers in to pick.  They all enjoyed a fresh raspberry breakfast and I doubt if the ones they paid for ever got home to Gram. A lesson learned, and a costly one .Guess they picked enough for Gram as they never came back. Will list a few more similar episodes on next update.

Back on a lighter note, Tonia's garden is in full bloom again, lettuce, romaine, salinova red and green looking beautiful and ready for the markets and available at the farm. We only attend the Mulhurst Farmers Market this year with vegetables, however we will be attending both the Wetaskiwin and Lakedell markets when the berries are ready.

We will be having a pick 3 pay for 2 pails on saskatoons every Tuesday from 9 am til 6 pm so come and fill your pails and stock up for winter, they freeze very well and are very tasty come winter.

One thing we would appreciate,  when you come to the farm PLEASE give us time to come to the kiosk, when we are in the house or in the field it takes a couple of minutes to get there. We don't ignore you, we're just getting older.

Til next time



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