Season Ending

Well the berry season is over for another year, Mother nature surprised us with above normal temperatures in June with the result that our berry season started about three weeks earlier than past years. Caught most pickers by surprise as they are still calling and asking if we have started picking yet.They are quite surprised when they are told the season is just about over. One thing people should remember ,berries do not wait to be picked, they ripen, they get overripe and then they fall off. They do not wait for you to pick them

Very odd year as well , the honeyberriy bushes  did not produce berries this year, lots of flowers in bloom but no berries ,could have been the lack of bees to pollinate or could be the extreme heat we had in June. Same thing with our rhubarb plants, over one hundred plants and harvested aboput forty pounds of rhubarb. Have talked with some of our customers and they had the same problem, pencil thin and about a foot high. Oh well , blame it on the weather.

We still have some machine harvested saskatoons,not for long I might add, five pound bag as they come thru the harvester , you cull out $12.50 per bag, ideal for wine , jam etc. Limited supply.

Did not get enough berries picked this year to freeze for the coming winter season,not enough pickers so NO frozen berries will be available.

Even our garden is well ahead of normal  this season altho we still have carrots , beets,  cucumbers ,tomatoes,some yellow and green beans, most of which goes to the farmers markets at Mulhurst and Lakedell. We still  have some available at the farm kiosk for local pickup.

Will close for now , a big thank you to all our customers ,all the best and hope to see you next picking season.



Berry Farm Hours

Have changed our hours to the following

Sunday 10am to 4 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  and Saturday  9am to 6 pm

Thursday and Friday 9am to 1:30 pm.   We are at Mulhurst Farmers Market  in the Legion Hall  on Thursday  4pm to 7pm and the Lakedell Market on Friday 4pm to 7pm.

We have a  THRIFTY TUESDAY SPECIAL    pick three pay for two pails of saskatoons so come out and stock up for the winter. They freeze easily and can be kept for a year or longer.

Hope to see you soon



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