Berry Season

Well the berry season is upon us once again and once again it's re-education time.




Now that we are well informed ,the saskatoon crop was hit by freezing temperatures back in May and we lost our complete crop,therefore no fresh or U-Pick saskatoons this year.

We do however have a limited supply of frozen saskatoons available on a first come basis.

We also have pre-picked fresh and frozen honeyberries. No U-Pick on these, have had too much loss and damage to the bushes.

Our raspberries are coming along nicely and with a little more sunshine should be ready by mid July.

Our garden is beautiful and with the amount of rain we have had it has produced an abundant crop of carrots, peas ,beets ,onions , kale , spinach , red and green salinova lettuce,leaf lettuce, red and green romaine lettuce.

We harvest our produce daily so you are assured that it is guaranteed fresh, no herbicides or pesticides. you may even have to wait while we get the veggies from the garden. Can't get any fresher than that.

Hope to see you at the farm, and in closing




Until next time



2016 Update

Well its time to update the Berry Farm news and it is not a good one. The hot dry weather in early May started the saskatoons very nicely and the blossoms came as usual. Very pretty , nice white rows of flowering petals  ,and then came the freeze ,10 May ,minus six, 13 May minus 6.5 and again on the 16 th May another minus 6, with the result that we have had a total saskatoon crop loss.There will be NO U-Pick for saskatoons this year. Have checked around the local area and it appears that the wild saskatoons have suffered the same plight.Some of the local farms have suffered losses to varying degrees depending on how cold it got after the plants blossomed.

The good news is that the garden did not suffer and the raspberries appear to be doing well. Only time will tell. We do have a limited amount of frozen saskatoon berries available for the die hard berry lovers and the are going fast.

Lettuce is up in the garden ,peas are in blossom and should have a full complement of garden veggies in two or three weeks.

You can catch us at the Lakedell Farmers Market on Friday from 4 to 7 pm and the Mulhurst Farmers Market on Thursdays. The rest of the week our on site kiosk is open daily for fresh vegetables and whatever berries we have.

Hope to see you at the markets or on site at the farm.



New Season ?

Well the berry picking season hasn't started yet but by the way the weather has been acting it sure looks like it will be an early one. Have been worried that the warm sunny days we had in Feb would start the saskatoon bushes to start budding out. Way too early and would definitely kill off any buds if we get extreme cold weather in March. Lots of work to do before we can think about picking. Speaking of picking , we will be needing berry pickers again this season,on a daily basis , so if anyone is looking to make some money on the side, give us a call or send an e mail with your name and phone number  and we will get back to you.

Tonia has already started some plants in her window pots and it wont be long before she fills up her little greenhouse with more and more and more. Good thing we are retired, or are we?   Must say it will be nice to have fresh vegetables again after a winter of tasteless imports that look so good but lack the flavor of fresh garden vegetables.  She already has the garden planted on paper and is just waiting for the snow to melt on the garden plots so she can get her seeds and plants into the ground. Over the winter she has kept busy making pies,  jams and jelly to have them ready for the markets and the coming season, Just for info , she has a full line of products available throughout the year, just give her a call if you run out and she will do her best to fill your order.

Trimmed all the bushes last fall after the first frost and still have a lit of cleanup to do but it has brought the bushes down to a pickable height ,so it should be a little easier this year for picking. Will try and keep everyone informed as to how the berries are coming and when they are ripening. Last year the berries ripened very early taking everyone by surprise and leaving many hopeful pickers calling well AFTER the berry picking season was over with the result that they went without. A hot dry early spring results in the berries ripening sooner,with smaller berries and a shorter season. Last year our season started the last week of June and was over in mid July ,normally it starts the second week of July and lasts for four to five weeks depending on the weather. Just remember HOT and DRY early berries and a short 2 - 3 week season late June early July.  COOL  and MOIST  later season (normal) Mid  July - Mid August   good picking ( 4 -5) week season.  Just remember the berries wont wait for you to pick them, they ripen , dry up,and fall off or the birds get them if they are not picked.

We will be attending the farmers markets at Wetaskiwin , 10 am -2 pm on Wednesdays, Lakedell , 4 pm 7 pm  on Thursdays and Mulhurst 4 pm 7 pm on Fridays. Our on site kiosk will be open daily during the  picking season.

Til next time



Still Fall Winter coming

Well winter is still around the corner , the season for berries is over and now is the time when we try and fix all the little things that broke , didn't work or needed repairs during the season and we didn't have time to get it done , all those things that were postponed until we had time to fix them.  It's  still fall as far as the weather is concerned ,  warm weather still prevails but it's fighting a losing battle. November is upon us and the Craft Markets are in full swing.

Speaking of the markets it was an excellent year , even tho the berries ripened way too early and caught all the picker's by surprise. Many missed out on picking not realizing that mother nature gave us a very warm June which caused the berries to ripen about two weeks earlier than past years. It had a detrimental effect on our rhubarb and honeyberries as well ,  for some reason it seems like they weren't ready for the early warm weather and just didn't produce at all. Oh well as they say next year.

Now that we have had a good frost we have trimmed the bushes for next year and have to pickup all the trimmings and get them to the burning pile before the snow arrives or we'll have a mess to clean up in the spring..

Tonia has been busy filling jars upon jars with this seasons berries ,  now converted to mouth watering jams and jellies ,  and she will have a full supply to available for the ARBER Greenhouse Christmas craft sale on the 14 November and the Mulhurst Community Craft sale on the 5th and 6 th of Dec.  Don't forget to mark your calendar for both sales as there will be different crafters  at each event displaying a variety of different items .  Will be more than enough items to  fill even the largest stocking as well as any void under the tree.

We still have jams  , jelly's , frozen pies and our green tomato chow available at the farm. For those wishing to purchase some and are unable to attend the markets , just give us a call at the farm 780-387-5466780-387-5466 and we will be more than willing  to fill your order and arrange a time for pickup.

Still no buyers for the farm so it looks like we will be at it again next year , hopefully we will see all our old friends again as well a make new ones in the coming year. With that Tonia and I wish each and all , a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year

See you at the Markets

Tonia & Russ


Seasons Over

Hi again:

Well as you can see,we had our first snowfall today and although it didn`t leave any white stuff on the ground it was a prelude to what is to come.

Had an excellent season this year ,lots of pickers and many many farmers markets. Ran out of just about everything including   jams, jelly, syrups and green tomato chow and most of all our (we make you bake ) frozen pies. Had to turn many customers down as the demand was greater than the supply. A big thanks to all who made it a successful season

Am happy to say that Tonia has been busy busy busy, and we have a fresh supply of our products on tap and everything  will be available mid October. For those wanting pies I would suggest that you call ahead and check on what is available and pre order if necessary. Our products are available all year round at the farm. Just call ahead ( 780-387-5466 ) to make sure we are home and arrange for pick up.

We will be attending the Arber Greenhouse Christmas sale , from 9 am to 4pm on the 14 th. November, so don`t forget to mark it on your calendar and tell your friends about it. This is one of the biggest annual Christmas Craft Sales in the Wetaskiwin area and specializes in home and hand made products. Everything from preserves to hand made wood products as well as Arber Greenhouse`s beautiful hand crafted wreaths and seasonal flowers.

We will also be at the Mulhurst Community Center for the Christmas in Mulhurst Craft Show and Sale, on the 5th and 6th of December. Again note the date on your calendar and tell your friends.

Remember, support your local crafters  and get that special one of a kind item

Til next time



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