Berry Update 19 June

Hello again:

Well the berries seem to be doing VERY well this year. Received the right amount of rain and warm weather and everything is growing nicely ,including the weeds, grass and mosquitoes.  Even with the bird houses and mowing the grass every second day the darn mosquitoes seem to be getting the best of us, sooooo if you are coming to pick please bring your bug spray . We are doing as much as we can to control them but with the amount of moisture we have had the last few weeks it's impossible to control them. One other thing, bring a hat to shade yourself and the kids from the hot sun and a belt to hook up your pail for picking. Makes it easier for two handed picking.

The saskatoons are doing nicely and it looks like they will be a little early this year, first or second week of July. Checked the berries today and the  clusters have from five to fifteen berries so it will make for easy picking. Branches are so heavy with berries that they are bending over. Price of berries remains the same for U pick, $2.00 a pound.

The garden is coming along nicely.We have onion ,salad mix ,dill  and spinach available now and the carrots ,beets ,lettuce ,garlic and potatoes will be ready in another few weeks.

We will be having a U Pick SASKATOON ONLY special every Tuesday  9 am to 6 pm.  PICK THREE  PAY  FOR  TWO  a 1/3 saving, so bring your pails and stock up. Remember, saskatoons freeze very nicely and can be kept frozen year round . Just put them in the freezer without washing and they will not stick together. Pour them out when you are ready to use them and rinse them at that time.

Will try and update to keep you informed as the berries ripen.

We are looking for berry pickers for the season, we pay $1.10 per pound for clean ripe berries, choose your own time for picking and get paid daily. If you are interested in making some extra cash on a daily basis give us a call at 780-387-5466

Hope to see you at the farm

Til next time



Berry Update

Good news so far this season.Once again the farm is looking like a well manicured park, all the grassed areas mowed looking like a large lawn. Bird houses full of swallows keeping the moisquitos down The garden is all planted and everything is growing ,weeds included. Checked on the saskatoons and the blossoms have come and gone. Crop looks beautiful. Did a berry count after the petals dropped off and counted an average of nine to twelve berries in each cluster. Looks like we will have a bumper crop. Have had an excellent growing season so far and if it continues we will soon have berries for picking. Honey berries are starting to fill out and if we can keep the waxwings out of them we should have a good crop there as well. Beautiful bird but it sure does create a lot of damage to the berry crop. Raspberries canes are starting to look like a jungle and am hoping that this means a good crop as they sure take a lot more work than they are worth.

Tonia's garden is in full growth mode and she will have some beautiful veggies before long. She will be at the Mulhurst Farmers Market from 4 pm to 7 pm on thursdays  at the Community center with jams and jelly and vegetables as they become available.

During the berry season we hope to have berries at Wetaskiwin Market ( Wednesday) Mulhurst Market (Thursday)  Lakedell Market (Friday) and will have veggies and berries available daily at our farm kiosk.

For those wanting pies this season  please call and order in advance as there will be a limited number available on a daily basis, can't run a kiosk attend markets and weed gardens without something suffering. Will have the debit machine available this year starting in July .

We will be hiring berry pickers again this year when the berries are ready for picking so , if you or anyone you know wants to earn some extra pocket money give us a call at 780-387-5466 or 780-999-5466. You can work daily, pick your own hours and get paid daily. We pay by the pound for clean ripe berries.

For the uninformed





Hope to see you at the farm

Till next Time



New Season Welcome Back

Well here we are in the middle of May and the garden is just starting to show some green growth. Quite a bit later than past years due to some unseasonable weather. Seems as tho the garden area would dry enough to get the rototiller out and then it would snow and melt and we had to wait again.All rototilled now and Tonia  has been busy over the past couple of weeks planting and trying to get ready for the new season.

We will be cutting back considerably this year,will be attending Mulhurst Markets on Thursday on a weekly basis but will only be attending the Wetaskiwin  and the Lakedell Markets during the berry season only with berries ,provided we have berries this season.

Our on site kiosk will be open as usual this year, daily from 10 am to 5 pm at the start of the season and then from 9 am to 6 pm during the picking season. The season looks promising this year with a heavy budding on the saskatoon bushes,  and with lots of moisture we should have an excellent crop. Our U Pick price remains the same this year as it has for the past number of years, NO PRICE Increase still $2.00 a pound for U PICK

Will be at Mulhurst Market on the 18th. May with young bedding plants ,flowers and baskets as well as our delicious  jams, jelly and syrups. Hope to see you there and if you can't make it during Market hours, remember we are open daily at the farm.

WE are looking for berry pickers again this season, anyone interested can give us a call at 780-387-5466 for information

Hope to see you at the farm again this year

Tonia and Russ


Seasons Over

Well the 2016 season has come to a close and it was  disaster as far as saskatoons were involved. NONE. Not a pound of berries in over a mile and a half of bushes. Mother nature can't be trusted. Beautiful blossoms on the 8th  May and three days later they froze The rest of the berries , raspberries and honey berries did well but the main crop was a total loss. Garden was short  as the hot weather caused everything to ripen all at once so we have closed our season earlier than usual.

Garden has been cleaned out and waiting for the weeds to die off and then roto tilling to get ready for next year. Will be changes to our operation as well as our hours of operation.

We still have some frozen saskatoons available as well as our usual supply of jams, jelly and condiments.

Will add  more next week and do a little venting and explain why we are not always in a good mood and some of the things we go thru as a U pick berry farm.

Til next time



July Update

Mid season and as before NO FRESH SASKATOONS this year DUE TO FREEZING WEATHER IN MAY.




Our garden is NOT A U_PICK. We grow herbicide and pesticide free  vegetables for sale at farmers markets and on site at our farm, again it is NOT a u-pick.

We have a u-pick for BERRIES ONLY on a first come basis and we do not reserve spaces in advance.

We do have a limited supply of frozen saskatoon, honeyberries and raspberries available

Update  :

peas are finished for the season

lettuce is coming to the end of the season

We still have an ample supply of other vegetables as well as jams ,jelly syrups  and preserves on hand.

We are open as follows

Mon , Tues , Wed and Sat 9am-6-pm

Thur and Friday 9 am - 1 pm We are are at Mulhurst  Market on Thu. 4 pm - 7 pm and Lakedell Market on Friday 4 pm - 7 pm

Sunday 10 am -4 pm

Til next time



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